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Amina and Zaman's engagement party - South Wales Asian engagement photography

The busiest of September with weddings and events kept me running around Surrey, Essex, the home counties and then rushing back to Cardiff for the odd wedding or two. Then came the request from a talented event photographer friend of mine Jessica Zschorn who was trying to find an accomplished wedding photographer to cover for her at an Asian engagement gathering. That is how I came to photograph Amina and Zaman's engagement!

As anyone who has been to an Asian engagement gathering whether it is Muslim, Hindu or Sikh, would be roundly familiar with the grandness of the occasions. They are almost like a mini wedding. Amina and Zaman's happy engagement was no different, held in the function room of the gourmet Indian restaurant and event venue Ameanah's in Ammanford, South Wales. In my usual storytelling style tinged with an unashamedly romantic feel, these photos cover everything from the aunts and elders sharing a joke, the children engaged in their phone games and laughter, the beautifully decorated tables with crystals, the groom's party arriving with colourful gifts all way from Essex and everything that happened in between!

My best wishes to Amina and Zaman on their journey together, may they be blessed with a happy, healthy and long life. Here is how the day unfolded as seen through my lens.

Taz Rahman is a Cardiff based storytelling romantic wedding photographer available for wedding and engagement photography all through the UK.

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