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Bronte and Sam - St Fagans Castle, Cardiff wedding photography

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The Wedding Venue: St Fagans Castle, Cardiff (ceremony) & Barry, South Wales (reception)

The Happy Couple: Bronte and Sam

Bronte and Sam were blessed with the perfect summer’s day for their St Fagans Castle in Cardiff wedding. The tipi wedding reception was setup in a huge field at the edge of a wood with the pathway through the wood decorated with their old photos! And all this, within their grandparent’s farm in Barry, just a stone’s throw from Cardiff Airport.

The day started with me feeling so excited from the anticipation of photographing another St Fagan’s Castle wedding! It is such a glorious location! I couldn’t wait to get there. Once I had walked through the stunning grounds and into the cordoned off wedding area, I found Sam just getting out of a vintage blue Land Rover, looking just a little nervous! Once Bronte arrived and was ushered into the stately building, the guests started to follow the registrars into the beautiful wedding ceremony room. After the wedding ceremony and the customary group photos, I took Bronte and Sam on a walk along the lush green gardens for their romantic couple portraits. The gardens really looked so pretty! And then, it was a drive all the way to St. Athan in Barry for the reception.

Bronte and Sam had a distinctive vision when planning the wedding and looking at the tipi and the path lit with their photos from the point when they first started dating, I knew how much time and effort had gone into their wedding planning, and it was definitely worth it. As guests arrived back from Cardiff, the reception began. Laughter flowed as the speeches were made and many a glass was raised. It was so touching to see Sam break down into tears and Bronte having to finish off his speech, such a beautiful moment! After the meal, the newlyweds and I broke off from the group to take some photos along that ever so cute path along the wood. It was so lovely to see them look at the old photos hanging along the bare light bulbs, it was all a little emotional again. Then came the cake-cutting and so everybody came back inside the tipi. The incredibly huge knife reserved for cutting the cake raised laughter and the jollity just followed from there to various parts of the field where the guests had started to congregate.

It was such a brilliant and emotional day all the way through and I loved every minute! Thank you so much Bronte and Sam for having me along, I truly had a blast capturing your amazing day. And if you are having a tipi wedding in South Wales and looking for a wedding photographer, please drop me a line!.

Taz Rahman is a fine art documentary wedding photographer based in Cardiff, South Wales and available for wedding photography throughout UK.

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