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A few words about the person that is behind the lens & what influenced my style of photography:


This is my little corner to tell you a little more about me with a view to helping you decide if I am the photographer for your wedding, events or portraiture needs. I love capturing emotions and telling stories through my photography, and that is why I am a photographer of people. I’ve had a little success with it as well, having been awarded multiple FPI awards in UK’s top portrait photography website Purpleport, featured in numerous wedding industry awards as well as inclusions for some of my bridal inspiration themed works in group exhibitions in Cardiff recently.

Why Should You Choose Me

Those who have met me say that I am exceptionally relaxed, a great listener with lots of attention paid to the details in the brief, and very accommodating, all of which compliment my style of unhurried and thoughtful photography. My interest in photography dates back many years. My work is hugely inspired by fashion and beauty trends, which is probably something to do with the 17 years I spent heading retail training at one of Britain's leading department stores, Debenhams, in Cardiff. It is that experience of the business environment, which makes me appreciate deadlines, the precise need to deliver what was asked in the brief and most importantly, it made me really easy to get along with.

My Background

I grew up in Birmingham and in equal parts was a conscientious reader as well as getting mucky in the cricket field whenever I could! I went to Cardiff university where I studied philosophy and ancient history, with a particular emphasis on aesthetics, which is all about the theory of beauty. It would be fair to say that this formal study of beauty has had a great influence in how I work.

Something that I am also hugely passionate about is the community I feel blessed to live in. I volunteered for the mental health charity the Samaritans for 10 years and this shaped my values as a human being. My experiences in work and life have made me the photographer that I am today and I am very thankful for the associations and friendships I have made at each juncture in my life.

As the ‘about me’ section is never complete in this day and age without some reference to what people do outside of their main field of work, I should say a little about my 'down-time'?!? Well, my other loves are, in no particular order, vegetarian cooking, making friends with neighbourhood cats (I am a cat person!), following the fortunes of the England cricket team & West Bromwish Albion, going to jazz gigs and a spot of creative writing. If I sound pretty ordinary and slightly boring, yes, I am all that!



Taz Rahman

MA (Philosophy), MA (Late Antiquity)

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Pride in Place, Cardiff, 2015

But you Don't Look, Bromsgrove, 2016

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