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Professional Event Photography in London, Cardiff, South Wales & rest of UK


  • Corporate events, conferences and business training days

  • Family events, birthdays and Christmas parties

  • Celebrity club events

  • Red carpet evening gala and premieres

I photograph events all through South Wales, the South West of England, London and the South East with a portfolio consisting of corporate events, charity galas, birthday parties and major conferences.


  A number of my corporate clients book me annually, and we have built up a relationship of trust based on my professionalism, which means:

1. Delivery of photos within the promised timescale,

2. Paying close attention to the brief,

3. Being able to capture the right moments without any fuss

My specialty is night time low light event photography that requires working with flash and strobes. This means, I capture crisp clear photos under all lighting conditions setting me apart from natural light only photographers who experience difficulty with flash photography. Please drop me a line if you would like me to photograph your event.

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