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Basic Terms of Service:

Coronavirus Update 2022: I am happy to report that as of December 2022, I have received three COVID-19 vaccines. I have abided by all government stipulated safety measures during the pandemic and shall continue to do so until required, to ensure my clients are safe and are of no known risk from me. I am happy to wear masks for indoor events where regulations require such safety measures.


All photographic bookings are confirmed subject to the full payment having been received and details of date, venue and times having been agreed, and clearly communicated using emails or supplied booking forms when the booking is confirmed.

For wedding bookings, a 'reserve the date' confirmation is accepted only after the signed wedding contract has been returned to me and the non-refundable booking fee (the fee is deductible from the final amount) has been paid. The final amount must be settled no later than 4 weeks prior to the date of the event.

All images and photographic products are despatched once full payment has been settled.

My Photographic style for any services provided is expected to be similar to the styles of photos seen within this website, however, the final look is dependent on the venue lighting and amenities, weather and any other conditions experienced during the time of carrying out photography. (Example - a wild forest inspired bridal photoshoot could not be recreated in a static indoor venue under artificial lighting and captured under time constraints)

As per standard practice within the photographic industry and based on UK legislation, the copyright of all photos remain with Taz Rahman Photography in perpetuity, however, a sharing  and a printing license is given to the client once the images have been made available. For any commercial marketing use, unless prior permission has been given, please consult me first before using the images.

During editing, all images are optimised for screen and as there is no way of correlating each device screen used to view a digital photograph using the same correction software, there may be slight variances in colour depth based on the 'colour temperature' of a client's device. Please also note that there might be variations to certain colours when printed because the technology for creating prints from digital photographs are not always capable of representing screen colours accurately.  

Please contact me should you wish to discuss any of the above in relation to my photographic services. Full terms and conditions, particularly in reference to wedding photography, is on the wedding photography contract. This is sent to the client when a wedding client has made a formal booking.

Taz Rahman

July, 2021

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