Cardiff Wedding Photographer

Stunning, Natural Wedding Photography by 'Weddings by Taz' working around Cardiff, South Wales, London and all through the UK.

Style of My Wedding Photography:

The wedding story is a love-story and my style of wedding photography is all about telling that love-story in a very gentle and natural way. I capture the day as it unfolds. The seasonal changes in colour and all the colours of nature are present in creating a subtle boho feel whether I am photographing a countryhouse wedding with a woodland theme or a bustling city wedding at a grand old house. It is totally distinctive and a unique fine art twist to wedding photography for today's style conscious bride and groom.

Telling the Wedding Story:

No two weddings are the same even if they are held at the same venue! We all have different tastes and the way we want to celebrate the important occasions of our lives are uniquely different. I totally appreciate that the settings, colour themes and how the venue is decorated at a wedding are based on moments of significance in a couple's life together, in which every single piece of adornment on the wedding day says something about their special love story. So I focus on the smiles and laughter as well as the details within a setting whether it is the choice of flowers, table arrangements or how the candles are laid out, basically everything that may signify a unique and happy moment and the celebration of all of these moments. All the elements are incorporated to create a photo-tapestry that would be your wedding story.