• Taz Rahman

Cardiff family portrait photoshoot - Crothers family portraits

As a photographer, there is something so charming to see a group of people laughing away. I’m sure you’ve all heard of nervous laughter, but what apprehension there was initially in terms of facing a camera, within a few minutes of starting the shoot, they really could not stop smiling! I was recently booked for a family portrait photoshoot by an ex-colleague, Katie. I had known Katie for many years, but it was the first time that I had met her brothers and their partners. The general preparation for any photoshoot for me is to try and find out as much about the subjects as possible. During the process of speaking to Katie as we were organising a date for the shoot, it became palpable just how close the siblings were. In person, they seemed even closer, friendlier and happier! I wanted to capture as much of that happiness as possible. If the photoshoot was to capture that spirit of fun and happiness at being able to spend time together, I think we succeeded?

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