• Taz Rahman

Spring Daffodil portrait shoot: Portraits of Belinda

This spring I fell in love with the photographic technique of shooting through petals! The technique is not new or uncommon but the fact that I had experimented so much with it all through last year without daring to introduce it within my portraits seem to have paid dividends. The type of petal, distance from the lens as well as placement all play a part on how flattering the final image looks. I for one am delighted with what happened below!

The daffodils had lasted a little longer this year. I am not complaining. The very same spot, four photoshoots in thirteen days, I count myself lucky to have been booked to photograph that many times during the daffodil season. All four of the shoots were very slightly different in how they used the location, but this one in particular with Belinda, was perhaps the most consumed with daffodil.

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