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Kwame bump photos - Cardiff maternity photography

When Kwame got in touch with me for her bump photos, I was absolutely delighted. As the weather in Cardiff had been particularly warm in the recent weeks, we arranged for the photoshoot to be in the early part of the day and I ensured that the selected location was in shade and also close to amenities like the public cafe in Cardiff's Bute Park.

Kwame's chosen bright yellow dress offered just the perfect contrast to the leafy green trees we were shooting under. Like all maternity photoshoots, great consideration and careful planning for the mum-to-be's physical condition was taken into account before the actual day of the photo session, and all the shots for this set were within a small area in the same location, but still utilising the wonderfully sunny background.

It was wonderful to have photographed Kwame during this amazing period in her life, here's wishing her an amazing future with the new life within her. If you are in Cardiff, South Wales looking for maternity photos, do please drop me a line.

Taz Rahman is a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Cardiff, South Wales and available for bookings throughout UK.

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