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Lisa and Quentin's wedding - Swindon Register Office, Swindon wedding photography

'I covet no other; Our secrets we tell, For we love one another.'

- Songs of Wiltshire, Alfred Williams

Sunny Swindon in April: The lush green lawn and the arched walkway leading to the redbrick building of the Swindon Registry Office where Lisa and Quentin was getting married looked so pretty. Just the perfect place for a simple, elegant ceremony between two people in love.

I sat on an old wooden bench waiting for the guests to arrive for the late afternoon ceremony. Squirrels running around the lawn; tall, freshly green leafy trees, bluebells and blossom adding colour to the shade of the afternoon shadows. For a moment, I felt as if I was in some enchanting dream. I wasn't really daydreaming, merely planning inside my head the post-ceremony couple shots. It was all going to be magically colourful.

The ceremony room was warm and brightly lit from the sun coming through the long windows. Lisa looked beautiful in her stunning dress and Quentin very smart in his wedding suit. From the little ringbearer to the bridesmaid, everything and everyone looked so charming. Afterwards, the guests walked behind Lisa and Quentin in a procession through that pretty archway out to the grounds where I had found myself daydreaming earlier. Laughter and bliss all through the confetti moments and then I finally had the opportunity to walk with the newlyweds for their first romantic couple shots as a married couple. Under the tilting sun, I loved how lost they looked in romance.

Many congratulations to the lovely couple. May you be blessed with eternal happiness and sunshine, just like your beautiful wedding afternoon. This is the story of Lisa and Quentin, as I captured it.

Taz Rahman is documentary wedding photographer covering Swindon and the rest of the UK.

~ x ~

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