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Ceri & Simon - De Courceys, Cardiff Wedding Photography

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Wedding Venue: De Courceys Manor, Cardiff, South Wales

The Happy Couple: Ceri and Simon

Ceri and Simon's February wedding was held at the stunning De Courceys Manor in Cardiff on a bitterly cold day just after it had snowed the previous night! Their's is a very sweet love story, which at once captured my heart as soon as Ceri first told me about how they met: Simon and Ceri were each other's first love. Then, life happened and they grew up ti lead their separate lives but many years later, they accidentally met and found that the first love had never really been lost through the passage of time! How cute!

The day was bitterly cold and there was still snow on the ground, both presenting obvious challeges. But as I found out during the pre-wedding photoshoot just a few months earlier, their relationship was all about constant laughter. That sense of fun, hilarious jokes and barrel laughs were a constant presence through the day and made the photos all the more natural and memorable.

Thanks very much to Ceri and Simon once again for asking me to document their beautiful day! If you are having a wedding in Cardiff and looking for a wedding photographer, please drop me a line.

Taz Rahman is a fine art documentary wedding photographer based in Cardiff, South Wales and available for wedding photography throughout UK.


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