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A Las Vegas themed Christmas party - Central London corporate event photography

I always get excited about photographing Christmas parties and there is nothing quite like a themed corporate party where everybody gets to let their hair down! I probably love it just a little more because of my own corporate background for 17 years before becoming a professional events photographer. So when the call came from a FTSE100 company’s event’s organiser to photograph their Las Vegas themed Christmas party with Elvis and the Rat Pack dropping by as well as a popup casino around the corner, I just had to make time for it in my schedule!

Of course, there is a technical challenge in these indoor events where the lighting is not the best for those photographers working with just natural light or for that matter the strobists who flood the room with so much light that the atmosphere and the mood of the event never feels quite right when seen on captured photos. This is where my experience and understanding of how to use flash results in crisp clear moments that sum up the laughter filled stories from the evening.

No names mentioned, nobody attributed and the majorly incriminating frames of course deleted forever, here are the sanitised moments from one such corporate event I photographed last Christmas.

Taz Rahman is a professional London corporate events photographer and is also available all through the UK events and party photography.


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