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Rhi and Andrew - Cardiff City Hall wedding Photography

‘The sight of lovers feedeth those in love’ - 'As you like it', William Shakespeare

The Venue: Cardiff City Hall & Alexandra Gardens

The Happy Couple: Rhianyeth and Andrew Logue

Wedding Dress Supplier: OK Dress

Flowers: Silk Flower Shop, Taffs Well

Cake: Jaki Hewitson

Under those silver grey clouds hanging above, Cardiff City Hall looked even more imposing than usual on that June afternoon. Cardiff City Hall was the venue for Rhi and Andrew's beautiful wedding. No matter what the weather or where a wedding is being held the bride is always the centre of attraction. No exception in this instance either! Rhi looked ever so elegant in her beautiful bridal gown carrying a pretty bouquet that had been lovingly put together by her childminder friend Jaki. Two ladies who had been walking past the bridal car stopped and complimented, and requested to take a photo. You can safely tell that the bride is looking stunning when that is the reaction from strangers!

Alongside the bride the other person who was keeping everyone animated was Rhi and Andrew's cute little boy Joshua. Joshua was excited by everything around him as is expected of someone his age and it goes without saying that so many of the stories I captured during the afternoon featured him!

Following the lovely ceremony and signing of the register, the wedding party headed to the pretty little park behind Cardiff City Hall, which is known as Alexandra Gardens. Here, there was a champagne picnic where laughter flowed and out came the cutest looking cakes made again by Rhi's friend Jaki! In between the champagne and cakes I had the chance to whisk away the newlyweds for some romantic couple portraits and discover the story behind their unique and very special rings: the rings were made from tungsten which symbolizes loyalty, love and friendship. They picked black as the inner band with Rhi's ring being purple and Andrew's ring being orange, their favourite colours. How sweet!

I could go on and on about smiles and joyful stories from the day but I think they are much better documented in the photos below. So it leaves for me to congratulate the happy couple once again, may you be blessed with eternal happiness and a beautiful life together!

This is the story of Rhi and Andrew's big day seen through my lens.

Taz Rahman is a documentary Cardiff wedding photographer available for wedding photography all through South Wales and the rest of UK.

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