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Michelle and Simon - Cardiff City Hall wedding photography

Venue: Cardiff City Hall, Cardiff, South Wales

The Happy Couple: Michelle & Simon Gold

The forecast was for rain but the sun was shining brightly on this crisp cold December Thursday as I arrived at Cardiff City Hall. The Ferris wheel and the Winter Wonderland outside of the grand building was still asleep this early in the afternoon, a little quiet and it almost felt like a lazy weekend summer morning. Michelle and Simon arrived looking beautifully smart with matching umbrellas and I could not help noticing just how happy they seemed. There were lots of tactile hand-holding, hugs, kisses and even dance steps! Their love for a song did not just stop outside City Hall, soon after we had entered the ceremony room, we were joined by Finlay Pelling, a local musician whom Simon had requested to come and play. Sing he did beautifully as Michelle and Simon signed the register, it was a very moving experience for all present.

After the wedding, we headed to Alexandra Gardens just behind Cardiff City Hall for the group and couple photos. Congratulations once again to Michelle and Simon. Here are my favourite moments from your beautiful wedding day:

Taz Rahman is a storytelling Cardiff wedding photographer available for wedding photography all through South Wales and the rest of UK.

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