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Winter portrait photoshoot in Cardiff: portraits of Samanta Farello

So often winter is typified by a vision of bleakness, cold and snow, and location photographers feel compelled to stop working outdoors. I have never been one of those! The winter light and bare branches present just as much of a photographic opportunity with a little more imagination. Just about the only time I take a break from shooting on location is when it starts pouring down, although light rain has never bothered me. This particular photoshoot features Samanta who approached me for some portfolio images in my usual style. In the three quarters of an hour we spent walking along that little park behind the City Hall in Cardiff the weather changed from the sun peeking out of a cloudy sky to light rain and finally very dark clouds looming just above us. Each elements of weather has been used to create these images. Since the photoshoot, Samanta has been signed up as a model by a top model agency in London.

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