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Amy & Mark pre-wedding photoshoot - Cardiff engagement photography

While organising my wedding photo archive I noticed that I had completely forgotten to blog about one of my favourite Cardiff pre-wedding photoshoots from 2016. This was a walk along Atlantic Wharf through the old canal network of Cardiff with Amy and Mark for their pre-wedding photos. The photos were so lovely that the set even became one of my favourite Youtube promo videos!

I always find pre-wedding shoots to be perhaps the most relaxing of photographic assignments. They are all about the couple getting used to having a photographer around them, which can be particularly useful if one is not used to being photographed, so just the perfect rehearsal for the actual wedding day! But they are of equal importance to me as a wedding photographer because this is my chance to see how a couple behave up close and what the most beautiful perspectives from which to capture them.

Amy & Mark's beautiful wedding photos can be seen on their wedding blog!

Taz Rahman is a Cardiff based fine art wedding photographer available for wedding photography all through the UK.

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