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Abi & Mathew's pre-wedding photoshoot - Cardiff engagement photography

Abi and Mathew's pre-wedding photos were taken along two nearby Cardiff parks and they were very particular in requesting one of the spots being where Mathew had proposed to Abi! So we had the lush green wooded parts of Bute Park and the beautifully manicured Alexandra Gardens for these photos and since their wedding venue is the nearby Cardiff City Hall, this was almost a rehearsal of the romantic wedding couple photoshoot.

As is my usual style, there were no posing in these photos, just capturing the couple as they went about their time together and I particularly loved just how cute they looked together. Abi is a fellow cat person and animal lover so I thought it was absolutely charming when they were fussing over an abandoned baby gull along the pathway!

I truly can't wait to capture their big wedding day in early September. If you are getting married in Cardiff or anywhere else in South Wales and love my style of relaxed and natural wedding photography, please drop me a line!

Taz Rahman is a Cardiff based storytelling wedding photographer available for weddings and engagement photography all through the UK.

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