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Tasha and Chris - Cardiff City Hall wedding photography

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The Venue: Cardiff City Hall & Alexandra Gardens, Cardiff, South Wales

The Happy Couple: Tasha and Christopher Keynon

On a late November Saturday when heavy rain had been forecast, Tasha and Christopher became Mr and Mrs Keynon at Cardiff City Hall. As physically the closest living wedding photographer from the City Hall in terms of proximity, I have the privilege of photographing many weddings at the venue, and each wedding is unique in its own way. The colours are different, the faces are different, the smiles are different, but each very beautiful. Tasha and Christopher's Cardiff City Hall wedding was all about the very late autumnal colours!

The bustling big wheel at the Cardiff Winter Wonderland had crushed the lush green summer lawn outside and little stalls selling artisan coffee, and gourmet burger had turned the grand old City Hall into a right old fairground! The smell of cinnamon and fresh coffee lingered in the unusually mild November air. Tasha in her beautiful ivory dress and Christopher in a shimmering navy suit were the perfect contrast in colours. But, there was a different kind of seasonal magic in colours taking place just behind Cardiff City Hall. At the back of the City Hall were still the remnants of the crimson, pink and orange of autumn's early lustre. So here, wanting to look at them through the last of the leaves and colour, I requested the newlyweds to just slow down and take their time. As they walked along Alexandra Gardens, full of laughter, exchanging the odd kiss and furtive intimate glances, I captured each moment as it happened. There were many magical moments!

Many congratulations to Tasha and Christopher, this is a glimpse of their story from a magical day through my lens:

Taz Rahman is a fine art Cardiff wedding photographer available for wedding photography all through South Wales and the rest of UK.

Tasha and Christopher, newlywed couple about to kiss

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