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Rupanzel and Nilayan - Cardiff City Hall wedding photography

The Venue: Cardiff City Hall & Alexandra Gardens, Cardiff, South Wales

The Happy Couple: Rupanzel and Nilayan Basu

On the sunniest day in April 2018, Rupanzel and Nilayan became Mr and Mrs Basu. Either side of that day the skies had been dull murky with even a few spots of rain, but as I arrived at City Hall a good while before the wedding party were due, I noticed the lawn outside of Cardiff City Hall and the beautiful Alexandra Gardens behind the grand building to be full of people enjoying the weather.

During our conversations, Rupanzel had described the occasion as a simple but very modern wedding with a few friends invited, with a gold and royal blue theme, inspired from blue agate crystal stone imagery, which had also been used as inspiration for the invitation card. Looking at the sunbaked surroundings, I thought to myself that this is certainly the perfect day for a wedding, but I certainly had my work cut out to ensure that the post-wedding romantic couple shots managed to evade the sunseekers and make the best of that blue theme!

The bride arrived wearing a yellowish nude coloured dress with floral gold sequin design all over and the groom, Nilayan was wearing a very smart royal blue suit. The wedding bouquet matched the theme of blue and gold complimenting the spring's seasonal colours. After the interview with the registrar, the ceremony proceeded and as with all Asian weddings I have had the privilege of photographing, I noticed a good few tears of happiness, even from the bride!

The post-wedding confetti throwing was at the bustling Alexandra Gardens. When the group shots were over, I took the couple for a walk along various floral parts of Alexandra Gardens. Wherever they walked, there were smiles and people shouting out 'congratulations'. I love it so much that the sight of a bride and groom always make people smile!

All the moments from the wedding and their romantic walk as well as the cake cutting is captured below. Many congratulations to Rupanzel and Nilayan, this is a glimpse of their story from a magical day through my lens:

Taz Rahman is a fine art wedding photographer based in Cardiff, South Wales and available for wedding photography throughout UK.

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