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Purva and Wasif - Cardiff Asian wedding photography

The Venue: Cardiff City Hall & Alexandra Gardens, South Wales

The Happy Couple: Purva and Wasif

Purva and Wasif's grand Asian wedding reception was held at Cardiff City Hall. They wanted the highlight of wedding day photography to consist of the most relaxed and fun part of the day for them as a couple, which was the romantic walk along the back of the wedding reception venue. So the photos on this blog are only from that part of the day.

This part of the day was that beautiful and magical golden hour in the early evening when the light is soft and just perfect for moody wedding photography. After a few shots outside of the main venue, we headed to Alexandra Gardens, walking along the remembrance memorial to the parts with the prettiest of autumn colours. What was palpable throughout was just how comfortable they were as a couple and I think that connection is very visible in these colourful photos.

It was such a brilliant and emotional day all the way through and I loved every minute! Thank you so much Purva and Wasif for having me along, I truly had a blast capturing their love. And if you are having an Asian wedding in Cardiff and looking for a wedding photographer who would capture the colours like nobody else, please drop me a line!.

Taz Rahman is a fine art documentary wedding photographer based in Cardiff, South Wales and available for wedding photography throughout UK.


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